Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spider-Man, Spider....

Finally finished the Daemon Prince of Tzeentch. And as everyone has been pointing out to me, yes, it does look like Spider-Man or Superman. No, that was not intentional. However, he's still awesome, and in a battle last night, single handedly wiped out the entire right flank of the ork army (left flank from ork's side). Iron arm+ warp speed + Tzeentch's primaris power (who's name I forget), and a unit of 30 boys, gone in a turn. Add on scrolls of Magnus for an extra power each turn, and this guy very quickly becomes a waking psychic power house with its spell familiar. The great thing about giving the scrolls of Magnus to him, strength 3 ap1 will only hurt on 6s, and then there's always that invuln save.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review time

Well everyone, I've spent a few days reviewing the new digital codex for the Chaos Space Marines. I've prepared the following in a pro/con format, for your (and my) convenience.

Accessibility: having it on my iPad, which I take pretty much everywhere, is great! I won't lie, I feel weird pulling out a codex and reading it while sitting at McDonald's or whatever, but on my iPad, it's great!
The pictures: the 360° rotating pictures and the zooming in on pictures is also pretty cool, as it allows you to see more detail in the models that you can't in the actual codex.
Quick-links: possibly my favorite part. Don't know what a "Sigil of Corruption" does and don't want to flip through the pages to find it? Just tap the name, and it pops up in a little box for you! Want to get from the Bestiary of the Chosen to the Army List entry? Just tap the circle with the A, and it takes you right there!
Highlighting: want to mark one piece of wargear so that you remember it? You can do that without ruining the book now! Plus, you can color code. For instance: Demon prince and Scrolls of Magnus, red. Lord and Murder Sword, blue.

Confusing: it has a quick link for everything everyone can take, separated into categories. However, they don't sort out the weapons inside of a category! For instance, when looking at "Chaos Rewards" for your demon prince, it still has "boon of mutation". Well, as a demon prince doesn't have "champion of chaos", it logically shouldn't be able to have that. But can it take it still? I don't know, I'm guessing I'll have to check an actual one.
Local GW: the people at your local GW do their best to make sure you have the best Wargaming experience you can have. However, when you buy the digital copy, it goes straight to the company, so that specific store and the people running it, no cash to help keep the store running. So if your store is low on cash, and is considering going out of business, and everyone who shops there gets the digital codex instead of a hardback, well, bye bye GW store. And I'll be honest: most the time I've been to an independent retailer, they really could care less if you enjoy your stay. There's a few exceptions I've seen, but not many.

And that wraps up my review! All in all, I think it's about a 9/10. I think the price could be a little lower, seeing as none goes to the guys at the store, but I understand the extra stuff in it does put it up a bit, and that it's not just a scan. If I think of any more pros or cons, I'll let you guys know.
Happy Wargaming guys!
And may you roll 65-66 on your chaos boon tables for your chaos cultist champions!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Eternal conquest in the names of the gods

Things have been busy here at Warhammer, Life and Soda. But today I'm pleased to announce that I am in possession of the new Chaos Space Marines Codex on my iPad. It's currently in the process of downloading, but I'll be sure to post a review here for all of you when I get the chance to look over it. Well, unfortunately I'm busy, and have to go, but I wanted to give our loyal followers a heads up.
Dragonauthor, signing out.
Death to the servants of the false emperor!