Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Break

Oh my, sorry I haven't posted anything... Easter break was hectic for me. I worked every day and then went to Hersheypark on Saturday. Opening day, ha ha that was fun.

Well nothing much on the hobby side, sorry... However, I'm pretty excited to use those new death world rules, they look exciting!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Update on Davich's models

Hello everyone, I got a text from Davich today telling me to update what he has! Ha ha so, here it goes.
P.S. He also sent me some pictures! :D

He now has 1750 points of Necrons, however he is planning to buy two lords and a destroyer lord so it will soon be over 2000.

Here's some pictures of his stuff.
His Doomsday Cannon
 Every time we play each other I seem to blow this thing up first turn, poor guy doesn't even know what hit him.

Man, these guys have screwed me over more than once. Davich uses them pretty well.
Close up of lychguard

.... And another


Now I have not really seen what this guy can do yet. If I recall right, I haven't actually fought this yet, oh well...

One of his standard guys. I don't know, not much to say, they're necron warriors :P.
He also has 1300 points of Demons centered around tzentch and Khorne. He's not big on slannesh.
Lord of Change

 His demons are mostly a work in progress right now, he got them pretty recently.

These guys aren't as scary if you pump them full of plasma before having Captain Sicarius attack them with a combat squad. Good times :P

Well that's all of the pictures he sent me, I really do need to get another battle report.... Hm, maybe next weekend... But no promises, K?

Well.... Signing out,

P.S. Any critique on the layout or whatever is greatly appreciated ^_^