Sunday, December 14, 2014

Updates here! (Sorry)

Wow, so.... Hello again, no I'm not dead, yes I've been extremely busy this year. I honestly have not done many things towards my hobby, I've put some paint on some of my guys, and my tau are looking better and better each time I look at them! As an example, here's two of my stealth suits side by side, one before, the other pretty much finished.

Here's two more angles of the finished one!

 Other than that I haven't done much, but look forward to us putting some more stuff up on here sooner than later this time!

Another reason that I haven't done much recently is due to this event, See if you can't see what happened from these series of pictures!

If you guessed I went out, bought a long-board, and then immediately fractured my collarbone 45 minutes into riding it the first time, you would be right!

Signing out,