Monday, May 28, 2012

Black Templars

Davich's New army Black Templars 1800 points
Here are some pics of the painted models

Soul Grinder

Davich has added a Soul grinder to his army. Here are some pics of the model

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Davich's new Bloodthirster for Deamons

Davich New Necron Models:
Here is a preview of what my new necron paint scheme will look like and two of my new models (I have seven more unpainted)

Command Barge (With Overlord)/Annihilation Barge (Twin Linked Tesla Destructer)  
                                                                 Necron Monolith

Wow, my bad...

Well... It's been awhile, sorry about that. I've been working hard on my senior project for the year which you need to pass to graduate so I haven't been doing much hobbying. However, I did get an order in for a tau battle force and I am currenting in the process of building that whenever I'm at Stormtrooper's house. So far I have the stealth suits built, 10 kroot built, and half a devilfish built. All within one weekend. Also, I put together a group of empire archers. Stormtrooper and I are building an empire army to keep Drak's high elves company.

All in all I feel like a building machine! But really I should be working on STP, the senior project, but, eh. I will try to get some pictures up sooner of later, maybe after I graduate, that sounds good. Oh well...

Signing out,