Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blogger app update and Huron Blackheart

So first off: the new blogger app. I've been having a few problems with it, but I got them worked out. So, I can now get back to my reviews.
Huron Blackheart:
Abbadon the Despoiler's little brother, stat wise. 105 points less, a few less points in the stat line, and basically none of the awesome special rules that Abbadon has. My opinion is only take him if you want a named character similar to Abbadon, but not quiet as good.
Granted, there are some things he has different from Abbadon. First off, he's a psycher due to the Hamadrya but without the ability to choose his discipline. However, a lucky roll could give you a one turn boost. His Tyrant's Claw I feel isn't quiet what I was hoping for from the Black Tyrant, but its still good. A power axe on steroids almost, with a heavy flamer.
Finally, his warlord trait. I'm sorry, but master of deception does not get enough attention. A lot of people are complaining about how badly it got nerfed, and yes, it did. However, if I understand correctly, shooting has remained the same. Outflank some heavy shooting marines or a squad of 20 Thousand Sons to drill holes into the flanks of the enemy. While I haven't done this with Huron, I have done this. And it works, against both orks and marines. That's all I've had the chance to try this on, though.
All in all, I don't like him very well. I feel like he is simply a cheap choice for someone looking for a named HQ, and anything he could do, a similarly priced lord could do better. He does have a few bonuses, but I don't expect to be adding him to my list any time soon.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chaos Space Marine 6th edition codex unit review: Abbadon

After some time spent studying and preparing (and, I won't lie, pulling a few grades up), I'm pleased to announce a return to my regular postings. Instead of the schedule I had been running on previously, I am returning with a series of reviews. Namely, of the models in the new Chaos Space Marine codex.
I'm going to be going through them in the order in which they appear in the bestiary.

Abbadon the Despoiler:
This guy is what it means to have the favor of the chaos gods. Literally, look up "favor of the chaos gods" in the dictionary. There's no definition. It just has a picture of Abbadon. With his two personal chaos artifacts, he can handle anything in close combat, whether delivering hard and strong blows from the Talon of Horus, or a flurry of fatal slashes from the Drach’nyen, he's ready. However, being armed only with a combi-bolter for ranged weaponry means this guy wants and needs to be in the midst of battle ASAP. His mark of chaos ascendant should come into handy once and while getting there. All four marks wrapped up into one? Yes please.
As for his warlord trait, it's okay. Granted, space marines will be who you play the most, but not always. I suppose they make up for that with the first among chosen rule, allowing chosen marines to be ran as troops. Can someone say, bye bye cultists?
Finally, what I feel is the only downfall for Abbadon. Champion of Chaos. For most people, this is amazing. Getting boosts and benefits from killing champions? However, for Abbadon, he's much better without that 1/8 chance of being turned into either a chaos spawn or daemon prince. Both of those are downgrades for him, especially the spawn. And besides, if he does get turned into a daemon prince, which is he? Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Tzeentch, or all four? Does that mean he hates himself? Who knows.
Well that about wraps up my review on Abbadon. Later, loyal followers and lovers of WLaS.
May the chaos powers always look on you with favor.