Monday, February 16, 2015

The Ever Growing Attention to Detail

With all of these new models for the Harlequins coming out it makes me happy as a hobbyist to see new amazing models from GW coming out. While I haven't spent a penny on models for personal financial and modeling goal reasons, I still love seeing the quality of work that is coming with some of these new models! I can't wait to see more of the armies that I enjoy working on showing up with new goodies to throw my money at, although at a detriment to my wallet!

I am excited to see what new technology and more expertise brings us hobbyists in the coming months.

I hope I can get something up here in the next few days post wise. On the other hand, you might start to notice some changes in graphics here in the coming weeks as I am currently installing software on my new computer to start working on things for the blog and my own art endeavors!

Signing out,