Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sixth Edition Starter

So hopefully by now, anyone who cares has already seen the new starter set for sixth edition. If not, check it out! Http:// is the link to go to it. Go check it out, come back here when you're done.

Awesome, right? As most of you know, I've been looking forward to starting a Chaos army for a couple months now. My original plans were to do so for a Zone Mortalis tournament, but due to sixth edition's release, that was cancelled until further notice. But now that it is Games Workshop confirmed that chaos is in the new starter, I'm excited. I'm really looking forward to find out what the Helbrute is like. As of right now, pretty sure Stormtrooper and I are gonna do a Dark Vengence battle report when we get it, possibly following the scenarios in the book, possibly not.

Well, this is Dragonautthor, signing out! May the dice be ever in your favor!
Vengeance is coming.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tidings of great joy!

Well everybody, sorry for the delay in posting, but I have great news. I won the 40k tournament the other weekend held at our local GamesWorkshop. It was an 1850 tournament, each victory scoring two points, and in game objectives scored points equivalent to their in game value. I came in first with fifteen, one of my opponents in second with 13, and Igloo tied for third with two others with 11. I was unable to get pictures throughout the game, but I did get pictures of the start of my first game, and Igloo's second. I will post them soon, as I have not yet gotten them to my computer.
As a reward for winning the tournament, I bought myself a Tyrion fine cast model to lead my High Elfs. I will attempt to post a picture of him when he is fully painted and assembled as well, which may be some time.

This is Dragonauthor, signing out.

Vengeance is coming.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Uh, er, deff...kopta?

Well guys, I hate to say it, but once again, we suck. We are very much sorry for the delay in recent posts, but we've been busy with some stuff. However, as of tomorrow (well, today, really, but that's besides the point), Stormtrooper, Igloo, and I are going to be at a tournament held by our local gamesworkshop. So you guys can bet what this means: Photos. If we're lucky, we'll be able to post some photos of the games on here. Will we try to do a battle report? Maybe, but we're not really sure how it will go over with our opponents, stopping to take notes about everything. So for right now, we're just hoping for photos. Photo's of horribly painted tyranids (that yes, I do believe I will repaint them in the not too distant future) swarming over the helpless enemies. And maybe some space marines and whatever storm trooper uses doing okay as well.

Well anyway, this is Dragonauthor, signing off. Remember everybody, we at WLaS love you. May you always roll low on your characteristic tests, and may you fight long in the service of (insert leader of your warhammer/warhammer 40k army here)

P.S. Because we all love orks, and I put it in the title, here's a deffkopta.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Forge World: Bloodthirster

 Yes I have finally gotten a forge world Bloodthirster! It is the most epic model i own. I can't wait to do some damage with this guy

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chaos Daemons: Bloodcrushers

 Bloodcrushers are one of the best cavalry units in the game of Warhammer. These heavily armored steads are very durable and can withstand attacks from powerful monstrous creatures. They have bloodletters riding on their backs which makes them look even better. This is one of my favorite Chaos units and I use them in almost every game.

Chaos Daemon: Lord of Change

The Greater Daemon of Tzeentch has been repainted and is ready to kill more Star Dragons with its epic magic phase. The Lord of Change can use any lore from the rule book as well as the lore of Tzeentch in the Chaos Daemon Armybook. He also can take up to 100 points in daemonic gifts to make him even more deadly. Since he is a monstrous creature and can fly, makes him a very quick wizard. He is very expensive point wise however, but well worth the cost. Unless you play against some dumb High Elves that dispels almost all of your spells because they carry pretty banners and ribbons into battle. I can't wait to use this guy in my next Warhammer battle.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Stormtrooper's Workshop: Cadian Beastmen Allies

So here's a sneak peek at what Stormtrooper has been up to lately. Yes, they look awesome.

He plans to use a little bit of Imperial Guard as an ally for his Space Wolves. I can't wait to see these guys painted!

Signing out,