Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mass Effect 3

So anyone that this means something to knows that it came out today. Now I am not the one who owns the console or the game, Stormtrooper does, but I can't wait to play it! As you can probably guess, you might not hear from me in awhile ha ha. ME1 and ME2 were amazing, and I don't think I'll be disappointed with three.

Well, on the Warhammer side... Dragonauthor, Stormtrooper and I played a combined 4500 game. Stormtrooper using his Angels Sanguine and Dragon and I using a combination of Tyranids, Space Marines, and some Tau. Dragon and I won by the way. It was a crazy game and just for fun so I didn't make a battle report out of it, I guess I do need to make another one of those... Hm... Well maybe after I play Mass Effect 3 some.

Signing out,

P.S. Tau Shas'o battlesuit commander is boss. I ran it with a plasma rifle, missile pod, shield generator, hard-wired multi-tracker and Iridium armor. The thing survived a round or two of devastator fire! That shield generator is a good investment for your commander!

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