Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blogger app update and Huron Blackheart

So first off: the new blogger app. I've been having a few problems with it, but I got them worked out. So, I can now get back to my reviews.
Huron Blackheart:
Abbadon the Despoiler's little brother, stat wise. 105 points less, a few less points in the stat line, and basically none of the awesome special rules that Abbadon has. My opinion is only take him if you want a named character similar to Abbadon, but not quiet as good.
Granted, there are some things he has different from Abbadon. First off, he's a psycher due to the Hamadrya but without the ability to choose his discipline. However, a lucky roll could give you a one turn boost. His Tyrant's Claw I feel isn't quiet what I was hoping for from the Black Tyrant, but its still good. A power axe on steroids almost, with a heavy flamer.
Finally, his warlord trait. I'm sorry, but master of deception does not get enough attention. A lot of people are complaining about how badly it got nerfed, and yes, it did. However, if I understand correctly, shooting has remained the same. Outflank some heavy shooting marines or a squad of 20 Thousand Sons to drill holes into the flanks of the enemy. While I haven't done this with Huron, I have done this. And it works, against both orks and marines. That's all I've had the chance to try this on, though.
All in all, I don't like him very well. I feel like he is simply a cheap choice for someone looking for a named HQ, and anything he could do, a similarly priced lord could do better. He does have a few bonuses, but I don't expect to be adding him to my list any time soon.

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