Friday, February 10, 2012

Davich Versus Drak: Necrons/Tyranids

Davich Vs. Drak
Necrons VS. Tyranids
1600 Points

Riiiiiight, so I totally forgot to get their army lists so bear with me while I try to pull stuff out of my brain and the pictures. Next time I'll get a picture of their whole army first plus write down the army lists.

Two squads of Warriors
one five man squad of deathmarks (Proxied immortals)
doomsday ark
six scarab swarms
Overlord with Res orb and war scythe
Lychguard two warscythes and three dispersion shields.

Hive Tyrant with bone sword and Lashwhip and heavy venom cannon? Multiple abilities (Sorry:( ) Hive guard
One brood of two zoanthropes
one brood of twenty? Genestealers with Broodlord, adrenal glands, toxic sacs
One brood of thirty? Devourer Termagants with Tyranid Prime tagging along.
One brood of gargoyles (however many come in one box)

  Necrons Turn 1:
Deathmarks mark Hive Tyrant
Scarabs Move up and run
Doomsday shot at zoanthropes and scattered


Tyranids Turn 1
Hive Tyrant advances
Zoanthropes moved towards middle of board
Hive Tyrant fires heavy venom cannon at necrons on building, getting a direct hit. "Killing" Two warriors, both stand back up.
Zoanthropes take potshots at scarabs doing nothing

Necrons turn 2
Scarabs move up
Deathmarks shoot at hive tyrant dealing one wound to tyrant guard
Doomsday shoots at rippers hitting three and one zoanthrope, killing two ripper bases. Stupid zoanthrope makes his invulnerable save.
Warriors mop up the last ripper base

Tyranids turn 2
Genestealers outflank on the right side
Zoanthropes shot a physic blast, killing two warrios and two deathmarks. Only one warrior stood back up.
Genestealers run one inch

Necrons turn 3
Scarabs move up
Nightbringer moves up a bit.
Lychguard move out of way of the doomsday
Doomsday move back a bit to deal with genestealers
Doomsday opens fire at genestealers, killing three.
Warriors on ground shoot at genestealers killing two more
Warriors on roof shoot at zoanthropes, dealing one wound
Deathmarks take potshots at zoanthropes, doing nothing
Genestealers make morale test
Scarabs assault Zoanthropes, zoanthropes do nothing, scarabs kill one zoanthrope >:D

Tyranids turn 3
Lictor arrives next to doomsday
Mawloc burrows out on top of the lychguard and doomsday cannon. But scatters out six inches towards the genestealers
Devourer temrgants flank on right side
Gargoyles deep strike on left side of board
Genestealers move up and run six inches
Hive tyrant joins zoanthrope/scarab battle, consequently killing all the scarabs

Necrons turn 4
Doomsday broad sided lictor killing it
Mawloc takes two wounds, Warriors?
Gargoyles fall back with only one surviving
Genestealers take four wounds from doomsday
Lychguard and Overlord assault Mawloc, Overlord traps Mawloc in Labyrinth

Tyranids Turn 4
Gargoyle subject to instinctive behavior and consequently dies on difficult terrain since it is considered dangerous due to nightbringer
Genestealers move to assault lychguard
Zoanthrope shoot at lychguard which ricochets into genestealers killing one. :D
Genestealers assault overlord doing nothing, brood lord hypnotic gazes Overlord.

Necrons Turn 5
Warriors shoot at zoanthropes doing nothing.
Deathmarks shoot at hive tyrant brood dealing one wound
More warriors shoot at termagants killing one model
Doomsday shoots at termagants killing eight
Nightbringer throws boulder at hive tyrant brood missing, and shoots lightning bolt taking out one hive guard, pyre shards take out other hive guard. (I'm not exactly sure, looking back, that he could do all that.)
Broodlord does nothing, Overlord does nothing, genestealers deal one wound to Overlord, Lychguard deal a wound to Broodlord one getting killed from acid blood.

Tyranids turn 5
Termagants, hive tyrant, and zoanthrope move up
Termagants shoot at warriors killing a unit of five warriors
Zoanthrope shoots at doomsday and completely whiffs it by rolling a one of penetrating. >:D
Brood hypnotic gazes overlord. And absolutely nothing happens in pursuing assault turn.

Game ends as of a one being rolled.

Kill Points

Tyranids: 2
Necrons: 4

In hindsight, tyranids made two huge gambles on flanking, both ending up on the wrong side of the board that he wanted. Also, his mawloc did not work out as he would have liked, because he used his Lictor wrong (Learn actual rules Drak >.>). On the necrons side however, it was almost perfect. They dug in a weathered the storm. Only could have done better by using nightbringer more.

Also, they did come back at an awesome lunch of pizza and tyranids eventually won killing everything, so the necrons were lucky for the game to end on turn five.

Sorry about everything that is hard to comprehend and keep up. I did have pictures, but they weren't good so I'm gonna work on that. Oh, and I'll work on battle report layouts as well.

Well.... Igloo, signing out.


  1. umm, yeah. Constructive critism: Try to structure your summary's better. Instead of bullet form, I'd suggest doing actual sentences.

    Notes on game: The mawloc was wounded, I believe, by the deathmarks, not the warriors, if I recall correctly.

    Random side notes: Its obvious who YOU were cheering for. Lol. That aside, Dragonauthor, not Drak.

    Other than that? Great battle report, and would love to take part in another soon!

    1. Also! 10 gargoyles, 30 devourgants, 15 genestealers with toxic sacs and scything talons. Broodlord had Acid blood, implant attack, scything talons, and Toxin sacs.

      Hive Tyrant had Heavy Venom cannon, hive commander, old adversary, regeneration, and desiccator largae. Your welcome.