Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our 40k armies

Well I thought I might as well put what my friends and I have army wise.

Myself: a roughly 2000 pt space marine and starting a tau.

Drak/Dragonauthor : roughly 2000 pts of tyranids

Stormtrooper1980 : assortment of blood angels and space wolves half of them not built yet.

Davich: 1500 pts of Necrons

Sagisu: Has grey knights and is thinking about starting dark Eldar.

We normally don't get together to play that often, but I'm gonna try to get some battle reports up. Maybe some close ups of their models if they let me. :)


  1. Necrons are now up to 1500 points!

  2. A) the tyranids are at roughly 2500 points.
    B) don't forget, I'm starting a keepers of the covenant with stormtrooper, and a high elf army soon!
    C) I'll help with those bat reps!

  3. @dragonauthor: dude it's 40k not fantasy

  4. Note it only says "Warhammer" .......ergo, it can be both.

  5. Yeah But the topic/subject says "our 40k armies" ergo that means 40k and fantasy

  6. Oh... Didn't see the subject :P and you agreed with me!!! Typos ftw.