Thursday, November 7, 2013

The darkening skies

Mission 2: The darkening skies

Space marines (Blood angels, space wolfs, etc): 750 points, standard force organization. Mandatory fortification of any kind required, included within points cost.
Tyranids: 750 points Plus additional points if mission 1 had been won. Army may not select any units from Heavy support or elite slots. Army may not select any Monstrous Creatures.

Deployment: Standard board size, d6 scattered small terrain throughout the board.
Armies are deployed as per standard army deployment, with space marines deploying first. Tyranids seize the initiative on a 5 or 6, if desired.

Objectives and game length:
Game lasts 5-7 turns, using random game length
Tyranids victory if have at least 2 units move off the space marine deployment edge
Space Marine victory if the tyranids are unable to do so

Special rules:
Space marine units that receive preferred enemy tyranids if they won mission 1.


In the early stages of a tyranid assault, the skies are darkened as swarms of the smaller tyranid bioforms amass on key locations of the planet. Civilians throughout the planet will be moved to heavily fortified areas. Those who do not make it to safe areas will be slaughtered by the tyranids. Should the tyranids make it past the initial defenses and into the heavy populated cities, the planetary defenders will find themselves hard pressed to root them all out.

 Victory benefits:
Victory benefits will be fully explained in mission 3

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