Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Infestation

Mission 3: The Infestation

Space marines (Blood angels, space wolfs, etc): 1000 points, standard force organization. If Space marines won mission 2, they gain D6 "militia" units
Tyranids: 750 points. Army may not select any units from Heavy support.

Deployment: Standard board size, Heavily clustered cities of death-like terrain. If tyranids won mission 2, they deploy "unit markers" scattered throughout the board. Have a number on each of these markers, and have a written army list with the numbers next to the unit. When a Space Marine unit gets within 12 inches of a marker, fires at a marker, or assaults a marker, remove the marker and replace it with the unit so that no model is further than 6 inches away from the marker. If a unit still hidden by a marker moves, shoots, or assaults, remove the marker and replace it with the unit the same as if it was discovered by a Space Marine unit. Space Marine player gets turn 1.
If Space Marines won mission 2, roll off as normal for deployment and first turn.

Set up D6+1 objectives throughout the board representing important figures who have not yet evacuated or killed. Each turn, these objectives will move D6+2 inches away from the nearest revealed tyranid unit. If there is a Space Marine unit within 6 inches of an objective, they may move the objective as desired, never exceeding the D6+2 roll.

Objectives and game length:
Game lasts 5-7 turns, using random game length, or until all objectives are removed from the board.
Tyranids claim 1 objective point by getting within an inch with an objective. remove the objective from the board when this happens.
Space Marines claim 1 objective point for all remaining objectives at the end of the game, if any.
Which ever side has the most points wins, but if both sides are equal than a tie is reached.

Special rules:
"Militia" units are treated as a Space Marine unit for every purpose, and possess a statline of
WS  BS   S   T  W  I   A   Ld   Sv
  3     3     3   3   1   3   1    6     6+

and are equipped with:
Improvised armour (Armor save of 6+)
Autopistol (Range 12", S 3, AP-, Type Pistol)
Close combat weapon

A Tyranid Lictor or Deathleaper may instead choose to shoot the objective to claim the points.

Whether the Tyranids break the line before the city can be evacuated or not, sooner or later the fighting will move to the city. There, the Space Marines and any citizens who volunteered to help defend their planet will make a stand to buy time for the remaining people to evacuate.

 Victory benefits:
Victory benefits will be explained in mission 4

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