Monday, August 27, 2012

Tidings of great joy!

Well everybody, sorry for the delay in posting, but I have great news. I won the 40k tournament the other weekend held at our local GamesWorkshop. It was an 1850 tournament, each victory scoring two points, and in game objectives scored points equivalent to their in game value. I came in first with fifteen, one of my opponents in second with 13, and Igloo tied for third with two others with 11. I was unable to get pictures throughout the game, but I did get pictures of the start of my first game, and Igloo's second. I will post them soon, as I have not yet gotten them to my computer.
As a reward for winning the tournament, I bought myself a Tyrion fine cast model to lead my High Elfs. I will attempt to post a picture of him when he is fully painted and assembled as well, which may be some time.

This is Dragonauthor, signing out.

Vengeance is coming.

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  1. I Wish I could have come too cause every game i have had against you have been really close so i should have done well too or epically fail cause i seem to do both a lot.