Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chaos Daemon: Lord of Change

The Greater Daemon of Tzeentch has been repainted and is ready to kill more Star Dragons with its epic magic phase. The Lord of Change can use any lore from the rule book as well as the lore of Tzeentch in the Chaos Daemon Armybook. He also can take up to 100 points in daemonic gifts to make him even more deadly. Since he is a monstrous creature and can fly, makes him a very quick wizard. He is very expensive point wise however, but well worth the cost. Unless you play against some dumb High Elves that dispels almost all of your spells because they carry pretty banners and ribbons into battle. I can't wait to use this guy in my next Warhammer battle.


  1. Archmage/Teclis versus Lord of Change anyone? YES! We need to do it. How many points do you want to do? Looking for an excuse to test out my new Phoenix guard.

  2. Add on a night goblin great shaman. And some magic banner goodness