Saturday, August 18, 2012

Uh, er, deff...kopta?

Well guys, I hate to say it, but once again, we suck. We are very much sorry for the delay in recent posts, but we've been busy with some stuff. However, as of tomorrow (well, today, really, but that's besides the point), Stormtrooper, Igloo, and I are going to be at a tournament held by our local gamesworkshop. So you guys can bet what this means: Photos. If we're lucky, we'll be able to post some photos of the games on here. Will we try to do a battle report? Maybe, but we're not really sure how it will go over with our opponents, stopping to take notes about everything. So for right now, we're just hoping for photos. Photo's of horribly painted tyranids (that yes, I do believe I will repaint them in the not too distant future) swarming over the helpless enemies. And maybe some space marines and whatever storm trooper uses doing okay as well.

Well anyway, this is Dragonauthor, signing off. Remember everybody, we at WLaS love you. May you always roll low on your characteristic tests, and may you fight long in the service of (insert leader of your warhammer/warhammer 40k army here)

P.S. Because we all love orks, and I put it in the title, here's a deffkopta.

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