Sunday, September 2, 2012

Daemons Finally Won!

First i would like to apologize for not posting any new post recently. I have been busy with starting college and all that crap but i haven't forgotten about my favorite hobby Warhammer. Past couple of weeks I got my first wins ever with BT and Daemons. I have won games before with them but i was playing on a team of people not by myself, therefore i did not count them because i had help. I am really excited because daemons are one my favorite armies cause i think the models look awesome. I did have the help of my new forge world bloodthirster, but as igloo proved he is not indestructible and got him down to 4 out of 8 wounds in one game. Also i paid close to $200 for that models so it should be slightly overpowered. Tonight me and Dragonauthor are going to play a Fantasy game for Daemons and High Elves. It should be very interesting hopefully we will get a battle report done as well.   

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