Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Incoming transmission

Ship log 72115
Fortitudo Imperatore

Communication relay..... Mostly online.... Reason for failed transmission..... Theory.... Opening in the Eye of Terr.....reinforcements! The Emp-
End transmission.

Hello everyone, Dragonauthor here! We apologize for Monday and Sunday's lack of posts, there was a communication error caused by a transmission in the warp (as you can see in the transmission received from one of our patrol ships near the eye of terror).
If we understand the transmission correctly, the eye of terror is opening and causing strange anomalies nearby.
All this to say: Chaos space marine update incoming!(?)
That's right. We've heard and received multiple rumors about Chaos Space Marines getting updated in October, with the official announcement being this Saturday. This is in stark contrast to the other rumors we've heard, that Dark Angels are getting updated first. However, I think I'm gonna put a bit more weight into the Chaos Marines, because as of right now, we have no rules for models that came in Dark Vengeance, whereas Dark Angels do. But you can make that decision yourself.
Dragonauthor, signing out. If we learn anything else about this anomaly in the Eye of Terror, we'll be sure to inform you.

Also, as a side note: Waaag Wednesday is a day where we will post anything and everything. News tidbits, models that don't really fit into the other categories, etc. So yes: this was a Waaagh Wednesday.

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