Sunday, September 2, 2012

Vengeance has come

Well everybody, good news and bad news. Good news is that Stormtrooper and I got up to Games Workshop yesterday and picked up not one, but two Dark Vengeance boxes. As for the bad news: Stormtrooper hasn't got all the Dark Angels put together yet. However, all the chaos guys are fully assembled, and I've even begun painting one. I don't have pics of my WIP model other than his assembled self, but I will when he is finished. And because here at Warhammer, Life and Soda, we love you guys, here are the pictures!

The box cover

Chaos Lord Kranon

Back of Chaos Lord Kranon

Draznicht's Ravagers: Chosen

Mortis Metalikus: Helbrute

Back of Helbrute

Sect Tetchvar: Cultists

Chaos Cultist Chamion Tetchvar

Chaos Cultist with Heavy Stubber

Sect Anarkus: Chaos Cultists

Chaos Cultists Champion Anarkus

Chaos Cultist with flamer

If you can't wait to see these guys painted, well I'm right there beside you! Stay tuned, there may or may not be a battle report coming soon involving them. We've been trying to get one up for a while, and with the new starter, where better for us to start?

Well this is Dragonauthor, signing out.
For the Glory of Chaos!

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