Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Idea for weekly schedule

Hello everyone. By now I hope you guys have noticed we're trying to post more often. Well, this is for a number of reasons, but mainly that there's so much to be posting now! To help us get organized, we have made a schedule for the week. Now this won't be canon, there may be some days the schedule won't be followed. But as of now, this is what we are looking at:
Monstrous Monday: monstrous creatures and walkers, no game is complete without at least one!
Terrain Tuesday: because what's a game of warhammer without some half destroyed building?
Warlord Wednesday: they lead our armies, of course they need to get some attention!
Tank Thursday: from Rhino to Razorback to Landraider, if it can carry your troops or fire big guns, this is where we put it.
Freestyle Friday: anything and everything that we think is just awesome! (may be changed to "Fantastic Friday")
Submission Saturday: your day to shine! If you want us to showcase your models, let us know. We'll go through what we get, and post what we think is the best (or, quiet likely, all of them until we get too many to post at once.)
And last but not least, Scratchbuilt Sunday. If Stormtrooper, Davich, Igloo, Sagisu or I get scratch build or convert something awesome, you'll see it here! (small chance we will also show some of yours)

And now for today's Terrain Tuesday!
This building was done by Stormtrooper and Mrs. Stormtrooper working together. Hope you guys like it, because we sure do!

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