Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dark Vengeance progress report

Dragonauthor here, bringing you loyal fans and followers of Warhammer, Life and Soda an update on what is going on with the Dark Vengeance set throughout this week. Expect to see this week: Some Dark Angels painted by Stormtrooper (at this point and time, only guaranteed picture will be the tactical squad), what I have painted of my Chosen (Which is what this post will contain, but we'll get there in a bit), and as for Mrs. Stormtrooper's contribution, you guys will get to see the beginnings of the chaos Helbrute and some amazing terrain.
But now to the main part of the post: The Chosen.
I'm not sure how common this approach is for the Chosen, but this was my thinking: The Chosen are the favored of the dark gods. I have six of them (and I will be running the Lord with those six at all times, so he is, technically, a seventh) So I decided to base them off of the Seven Deadly Sins. How does this affect the painting of them? Not much, to be honest. I chose a color that some might say has absolutely no connection to the seven deadly sins to paint up the special parts on them. So far I have four of them painted:
Superbi (Pride[blue was chosen]) : 

Gula (Gluttony[purple was chosen]):

Belphagor (Sloth[red was chosen]):

Mammon (Greed[blue-purple was chosen]):

Stay tuned tomorrow for Stormtrooper's Dark Angel Tactical squad! Please, post in the comments any critiques, compliments, or just comments period. Feedback is appreciated greatly!
This is Dragonauthor, signing off everyone. May the blessing of the Chaos Powers be upon you!

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