Sunday, June 10, 2012

Assualt Black Templar Terminators and Chaplin

Here is my Favorite Space Marine model for my Black Templars the Chaplin. He is my favorite because he kicks butt and he does it in style by looking so awesome. If you play Black Templars I think every army should have a Chaplin because he is the only model that can give people holy relics which gives all Black Templar models within 2D6 an extra attack in their next assault phase that turn. Also He automatically passes all Righteous Zeal Test that means you can never run away from being shot at. With Igloo's help I was able to paint my second Terminator unit and they look way better than the other ones.

These Black Templar Assault Terminators are awesome because they have furious charge and 3 attacks because of the Lighting Claws (4 on the charge or close enough to a Relic if the unit has both 5 attacks) Because of the vow Accept Any Challenge No Matter the Odds they get to re-roll all failed to hits and because of Lighting Claws they get to re-roll all failed to wound as well. If used correctly these terminators can even kill Grey Knight Paladins or a mess of Tyrinads within one assault phase.      

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  1. Psh, totally painted his sergeant's face for him :D