Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rumors about 6th Edittion

I have been reading some rumors and 6th edition leeks and it sounds like 6th edition is going to be awesome. Since what I have read are just leeks please do not take them to be the actual rules we won't know that until 6th edition comes out.

It looks like vehicles are going to be moving a min of 12in and not 6in. This makes since because I am pretty sure a Land Raider moves faster than regular infantry at normal speed. Vehicles are also going to have something similar to a wound value called Haul Points (HP) basically whenever a tank is glanced or penetrated the vehicle loses a HP. When all the HP is gone the vehicle blows up. This is not replacing the damage table. every time you pin or glance you still have to roll for the damage table as normal. HP just decrease the times your vehicle can get shot at. Which makes them weeker not stronger. There has been changes to the damage table 1 and 2 is shaken, 3 is stunned, 4 is weapon destroyed, 5 is immobilized, 6 is explodes.

Now rapid fire weapons can be fired their full range when they move, and can fire two shots at half their normal range. Which is good news to Dark eldar and Necron players!

Heavy weapons can be fired  while moving but at BS1

The distance a unit can assault is 2D6

Monstrous creatures that can fly can choose to fly above the battle field and swoop down and attack other units without assaulting or getting assaulted. This stays in play until they get shot down when the creature is shot down it takes a S9 Hit from hitting the ground.

Close combat weapons now have AP Which means power weapons might be a thing of the past. This is gonna make space marine terminators harder to kill.

Also i think there is now a way you can do multiple close combats in one assualt phase not completely sure though. This is most of what I have heard so far. I only posted stuff that i felt like came from reliable sources         


  1. Hmm, the flying sounds like it'll be fun for my hive tyrant with wings....

  2. I am sry just noticed a typo i wrote that the distance a unit assaults is not 2D6 i meant to type the distance a unit assaults is 2D6