Friday, June 22, 2012

Some Hopes for 6th Edition

6th edition is coming out and hope Games Workshop made some good changes. Like this thing that your unit only has to be 50% in cover to get a save? I know its a game but come on! Guys out in the open should not get a cover save. Also I hope there is more options like being able to blow up whole buildings and such things.  I am very curious to see how my 4th edition Black Templar army fares in the 6th edition rules. So I am challenging Dragonauthor to a Black Templar vs Tyranid and a Necron vs Tyranid Battle. Hopefully in the future we will get Battle Reports up for both fights.   
I found this picture of the Black Templar Emperor's Champion with a big bug behind him which means it's squishing time. 


  1. Perfect picture! How many points do you think all have when I get back? B/c I can make the list on my iPad, using army builder.

  2. 2000 Points for both sound good to me
    I only have 2000 Points (maybe a little more) Of Black Templar

  3. Sounds like a plan. Don't have my codex to put it together though....

  4. Also, where'd you find that picture?