Friday, June 1, 2012

Zone Mortalis 750 Pt. Tournament

What's up guys. As you can probably tell from the title the Warhammer, Life and Soda guys are going to do a Zone Mortalis Tournament between ourselves. I don't think Sagisu or Davich know yet, but however, they should soon :P.

So here's the plan, Stormtrooper is brainstormed an idea to do a zone mortalis in a tomb. So we're going to make some terrain for it and then use the rules that Forge World released which you can find here. I will try to get some pictures of the terrain we get done up this weekend. However I cannot promise anything right now, I tend to forget to take pictures in the moment.... Sorry.

Well back to lunch.
Signing out...


  1. Looking forward to this. I have no clue how my tyranids are gonna do, but here's to them being awesome!

  2. sounds awesome! I can use this to put my Templars to the test

  3. Oooo, Good idea Davich. So not using Necrons anymore? :P

  4. Nah im using Necrons I decided it would be a bad idea cause i would have to take a Leadership test every time some one shot at me... and im playing against tau so im gonna be shot at