Saturday, June 2, 2012

Going Digital and Igloo's Tau List

Hm, took them long enough. However, I'm sort of excited. Too bad I don't have an iPad.

I've seen a few complaints about them being only on the iBookstore but I think that is fine. I mean it is only there first release of the digital products, they may move it to other tablet stores as well, but who knows.

Stormtrooper has been saying that GW should do this since he started playing. And his text this morning was what spurred me to making this post. (However I saw it last night after I got home :P). And as I said to him, if they come out with a digital version of sixth edition, that would be awesome! I mean you could take your iPad anywhere to learn the new rules and not get funny looks lugging around a gigantic book. I say gigantic book because I think that all the expansions will be included in the sixth ed rulebook. But I might be wrong.

In other news, I have finished my 750 pt list for my Zone Mortalis Tau last night and here it is.

Shas'o 75
Plasma rifle 20
Missile pod 12
Shield generator 20
Shield drone 15
Hw Multitracker 5
Bodyguard 35
Fusion blaster 12
Flamer 4
Multitracker 5
Shield drone 15
Hw target lock 5

Stealth suit team
3 man 90
Team leader 5
Hw target lock 5
Bonding knife 5
Fusion blaster 2

10 fire warrior squad 100
Shas'ui 10
Bonding knife 5

10 fire warrior squad 100
Shas'ui 10
Bonding knife 5

10 Kroot

-Fast Attack
Piranha 60
Fusion Blaster 5
Flechette Discharger 10

Gun Drone Squad 4

=748 Pts.

Yep, well there it is. Now off to do some yardwork, bleh.
Signing out...

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