Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Orks and Daemons

I really like playing close combat armies like Ork and Daemons. They make Warhammer 40k so much more enjoyable for everyone. I have heard multiple rumors that 6th edition is making some changes to close combat which might make Orks and Daemons more powerful and fun to play. I really hope because sadly I have never won a single game with daemons. I have had a lot of fun but after awhile you get sick of tau and space marines shooting down everything you have.  Anyways I have really high hopes for 6th Edition.

However I have just gotten a Ork truck and a Battlewagon for my Ork army once i get them built and painted they will be one the blog if anyone is interested. Can't wait to use the Battlewagon cause i plan on running into alot of stuff with the deff rolla. After i get about 80-100 more ork boyz, maybe two more ork trucks, and one more Battlewagon I think my Ork army is gonna be ready to kick some space marine but!  


  1. Sweet, did you grab the battlewagon in the box? I'd love to see all the pieces, I was just telling Igloo I should get one for all the conversion bits....

  2. Yeah i got it in the box im still waiting for it to come in. I will show it to you when it gets here tho