Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blood for the blood god! (Zone Mortalis)

All right guys, so this is my plan. I talked with Igloo, and since he plans on using his tau instead of his space marines, I got an idea, and asked him. "Could I use your space marines as chaos space marines?" He, being awesome( <-- Why have I never heard that in person? >.> -Igloo), said yes.  And so, without further ado, what I plan on my list being: (note, this is subject to change)
HQ: Don't know yet. If I'm lucky, Davich's Demon prince, mark of Tzeentch, bolt of change, gift of chaos : 185
Troops: 10 Khorne Berzerkers, skull champion, power weapon, plasma pistol, melta bomb 2 plasma pistols: 290
Aspiring Sorcer, 8 thousand suns: gift of chaos 274
Total: 749

Now guys, keep in mind, these will be proxied, sooooo yeah.
And on the note of my high elves, I wanted to post everything I had, b/c I saw that its not on here anywhere. So I have:
The Island of blood mage that I use as an Archmage
A dragon (To be used with any of its riders, b/c I have a model for each)
A prince on Griffon
10 sword masters
15 lothern sea guard
5 ellryion reavers which I use as Dragon Princes
Some Pheonix guard that are not built yet, and in fact haven't even arrived yet :P
And a repeater bolt thrower.
 If you guys want, I can try to get pictures up of them later.

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