Friday, June 29, 2012

Is there such a thing as to much Warhammer?

NO! There is no such thing as to much warhammer. Warhammer is the only game that I have ever played that I have not gotten sick of in two to three weeks. (Except for Mass Effect 3 but im sure I will get sick of that eventually.....I think) Here is a picture of my work station. There is about over 250 warhammer models on the table  I have more waiting to be built but because of the holiday I have been putting in extra hours at work so haven't had time to put them together. At times I feel a little overwhelmed at the amount of work I have left, but I do this because I enjoy it not because I have to in order to play with Igloo or Dragonauthor. Screw those guys my models are my real friends. Im Just messing I am not some pathetic weirdo who sleeps with his models at night (They are in the same room that I sleep in but minor detail). Im sure Stormtrooper can relate im pretty sure he has more Warhammer projects then me and all of them look epic. Hopefully in the future he can get some pics of them on the blog. Overall if you are creative, have a good imagination, like working with your hands, and hanging out with friends I don't think you could possibly get tired of Warhammer.  WAAAAAAGH! Blood For The BLOOD GOD! Our numbers is legion, our name is death, and im not sure what the Black Templar say so.......WAAAAGH!



  1. Holy smokes! You need to recruit dragon author and his mad hord army painting skills....New project alert, abhuman Cadian army for my allied army. Mrs. Stormtrooper says, "thank you White Dwarf for giving him another crazy idea."