Friday, June 29, 2012

Warhammer magic vs new warhammer 40k psychics

Well, I've been doing some looking around, and I've found a lot of mixed feelings about the new 40k psychic stuff. Some people are ecstatic about the change to be more like fantasy, whereas others say the magic is the reason they didn't do fantasy, and instead did 40k in the first place. I fall under the first group. Being a fantasy high elf player, I love magic, and I love winning... Mostly magic though. So when I heard my tyranids were gonna be getting something close to my high elf's magic, I leapt for joy. Seeing as there are quite a few different psykers I can take (some even as troops) I expect to be dealing a good bit of punishment during the psychic phase, or if it's just part of the shooting, the shooting phase. One thing I am unsure about though. Do you get all powers in the discipline, or do you roll for them? Answer me in the comments guys. Remember, everyone here at Warhammer, Life, and Soda loves you!
For Asuryan!
For the Hive Mind!


  1. There is no physic phase from what i have heard. I don't think the physic stuff is going to be as powerful as you think. I have read a lot of leeks and its not going to be like a magic phase at all hopefully. I want 40k to stay 40k and Fantasy to stay Fantasy. There are a lot of changes to the shooting and assault phase that have similar qualities to fantasy but not exactly like fantasy. I have read a lot of rumors and it looks like because of the new HP rule for tanks and stuff, necron warriors will be able to blow up land raiders and other stuff. Which means heavily mechanized armies such as space marines will get weaker. So overall lots of changes so don't get your hopes up until the actual book comes out

  2. Looks like your going to roll for them from different disciplines, sorta like fantasy, depending on your level of psyche, you get additional roles. There is also a default power from each discipline if you don't like what you rolled. Powers are used during the shooting phase. The guild grabbed a pack of the psychic cards, maybe i'll send them out to you when your hive fleet comes to get you.

  3. Now that the book is out it is still really different